Meet Steph

I’m a working mom. Those two words are so cliché these days. We define ourselves by what we do yet there’s so much more. My husband and I live in Arizona with our son and daughter.

Our girl has special needs and she’s opened us up to a whole new world filled with amazing people. It’s been a very long journey that taught me compassion and understanding.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, I played in our great grandparent’s apricot orchards with my sisters when we were kids. That land happened to be across the street from what became Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California. We played fearlessly and free back then. 

My sister Stacy told me about spirit guides and the Universe when we were very young. I remember trying to talk with my spirit guides one day in the backyard of our childhood home.

I’ve always been a spiritual person throughout my life. I just kept it pretty low-key and turned it off during the different phases of my life.

Decades later I really focused on my spirituality, mental health and well-being after leaving a very toxic work environment. I survived in that environment for several years. It’s also the same one that contributed to my mental breakdown.

The breakdown was a long-time coming after many years of stress and grief following the loss of my sister to Ovarian Cancer, moving state-to-state a few times, and having a daughter with special needs. I had a lot of wounds and trauma deeply rooted from the experience.

My healing began with therapy and movement as I learned how to practice yoga. Yoga led me to mindful meditation and yes, meeting up with my spirit guides. Meditation led me to Reiki Healing and the glorious sound of singing bowls.

I started to health my digestive issues when I realized that food is medicine. I can share so much more about my healing journey, but the most important thing is, like me, you can start to heal at any time and at any age. 

Let your curiosity lead the way. It’s amazing to see where it will take you and how different people will come into your life at the right time. With an open heart and mind, your path will lead you to exciting things. You arrived here, didn’t you? 

We have so many ways we can help one another while we explore together and it doesn’t matter where you are on your life’s path once you decide to get started.

That’s why Holistic Living + YOU came to life.

My mission is to help you, the WHOLE you, live your life on purpose with happiness, grace, and peace.

Let’s share this together!