The most important thing is to meet you where you are at. These programs and assessments were created with you in mind, to provide you a framework that will help you achieve your holistic health and wellness goals.

Signature Program:

Back to YOU

This 3-month coaching program was created with a holistic approach so you can create lifestyle changes that are sustainable and fit your health and wellness goals.

Program outcomes:

  • Get back to the whole you–transformed, centered and present.
  • Accomplish your health and wellness short-term goals and establish your long-term obtainable vision.
  • Gain a toolkit of resources for sustainable behavior change.

Jumpstart Program:

Holistic Living + YOU

This 6-week coaching program was created to make an impact in the short term that will set you up for long-term success.

Program outcomes:

  • Learn strategies to get centered and present.
  • Achieve short-term goals that will shift your lifestyle focus for change.
  • Gain a toolkit of resources for sustainable behavior change.


The Future YOU

Take an assessment to explore your needs and the next move for improved holistic health and wellness.

A flower sprout of new growth from the dirt with the sun shining on it.

Assessment outcomes:

  • Gain clarity of where you are now and the challenges you’re trying to overcome.
  • Establish next step goals that are achievable and set you up for future accomplishments.
  • Learn ways you can incorporate small changes that make a sustainable impact over time.

Not sure where to begin?

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