What is Holistic Living?

A woman is practicing yoga on a rock and creating calm in her life.

Living a holistic lifestyle is a healthy way to regain balance and peace. Holistic living is a life led with intention and consideration of your overall health and wellness.

It’s an opportunity to balance areas of your life to achieve a healthier and happier you. We can define holistic living as a practice that focuses on the whole you– mind, body, and spirit.

That interconnection means each one impacts the other, positively or negatively. Holistic living nourishes all of them collectively as you take care of your entire self. 

Do you ever notice a heavy feeling in your body when you’re stressed out? Some of us get headaches while others may have gastrointestinal intestinal issues. None of that is any fun.

Your body is sending you messages from within though and if you’re listening, you’ll know that the stress is coming out physically and not in a positive way. That’s just one example.

So let’s get down to the benefits of making changes to your lifestyle and how to get started. 

Benefits to Holistic Living

You might be wondering what benefits you gain from holistic living and how long it takes to feel them. As a result, you’ll notice the shifts immediately just by raising your energy when you decide to make a change to your daily habits.

Since it’s like building muscles, long-term practice will help you achieve the most benefit. You can’t go to the gym once and have six-pack abs and you can’t practice meditation once to find total peace. Here’s how holistic living can benefit your health and wellness over the long term.

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Improve physical health
  3. Improve mental wellbeing and mood
  4. Improve your connections, balance, and peace of mind
  5. Reduce pain in the body
  6. Boost in productivity
  7. More energy
  8. Healthier relationships
  9. Increased fulfillment and empowerment
  10.  Stronger connection with your intuition or inner compass

You can start practicing at any time. The key is to take small actions each day in order to feel the long-term benefits. Your health is your foundation and you have the ability to strengthen it with daily practice. 

How To Practice Holistic Living

Everything we do is a practice. Whether you practice daily meditation or practice your kicks on the soccer field, it’s all a continual process that always has room for improvement.

For example, the benefits of yoga can be felt in one session and even greater over time. It takes practice. Holistic living is the same way. It’s not a one-and-done.

There’s no right or wrong way to practice. You will feel the positive results the more you incorporate small changes into your daily habits. Here are some ways you can get started.

  1. Practice mindfulness
  2. Commit to self-care
  3. Daily exercise – walk, run, get moving
  4. Meditate 
  5. Daily Yoga
  6. Eat mindfully – develop healthy, clean eating habits
  7. Drink water
  8. Nurture your positive connections with others
  9. Keep a gratitude journal
  10. Get quality sleep

You can dig into each one or develop your own list that is meaningful to you.

For example, eating mindfully can mean you eat a small bowl of watermelon for a snack instead of a bag of chips. You can also review the nutrition facts on food labels while you’re shopping.

Make a buying decision based on the facts about the foods you’re considering. You might find yourself in the produce aisle instead of the snacks aisle at the grocery store. Simple shifts create massive results.

Woman happy that she's practicing self-care.
6 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

Pick What Matters To You

The list of ways you can start your holistic living journey is endless. Anything is possible! What matters the most is that you incorporate ways to experience a healthier lifestyle that resonates with you.

You’re changing your life positively one step at a time. You have many options to get started and you can begin from the list above. Ask yourself these questions if you are not sure if something is right for you.

Does it give you the feels? Is it something that creates positive energy for you? Are you drawn to it? These are ways to see if you’re connected with the new or different ways to create your holistic lifestyle. 

Your intuition will always guide you. Some things listed above may leave you feeling excited while others may have you shaking your head with an immediate no. That’s ok.

With an open mind and heart, you will find what resonates with you and makes you feel good. Remember, it’s a practice, and that means you’re exploring. Curiosity can lead you to new and exciting things.

Let Technology Guide You

There’s an app for that. No, really. There is. Almost anything you want to explore for a holistic lifestyle either has an app or a podcast that can support you. It might take a little time and research, but you can find support that works for your needs. 

Below is a list of search terms that can help you get started with either podcasts or apps.

  • Holistic Living
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Mindful Eating
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Chakra Healing or Chakra Meditation
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Yoga Practice

Create Your Action Plan

Action planning may sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can have a lot of fun setting up your plan with a simple approach that can work with your business and personal goals. Let’s start one day at a time and focus on self-care for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Pick one from above. Add it into your daily routine for the next 5 days. Then, pick another one or two and practice each one daily for another 5 days. Rinse and repeat. Keep it simple and repeatable. 

Your mind, body, and spirit are a collective. They work amazingly well together and are keeping you at your best. Give yourself a hug with love and also be grateful for all you are because you are enough.

Remember a holistic lifestyle is a practice. It’s not perfect so each day you continue to practice is another day you’re building your holistic living muscles. You got this and you’re worth it!

Ready for a change?

Let’s work together.

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  1. Great post – allows me to set up a plan while being very flexible!

    1. So glad to hear that! The key thing is flexibility and finding what works for you.

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