Elevate Your Well-Being: Take the Wheel of Wellness Assessment

Are you ready to make changes in your health and well-being and not sure where to begin?

Assessing your overall wellness is a crucial step towards achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. The Wheel of Wellness assessment is a valuable tool that evaluates different areas of your well-being, helping you understand where you may need to focus your efforts for improvement.

As part of my commitment to your well-being, I’m pleased to offer you a complimentary 30-minute coaching session in addition to the assessment. During this session, we’ll review the results and create a personalized strategy to help you make positive changes in your life.

By taking advantage of the Wheel of Wellness assessment and the coaching session, you can gain valuable insights, set meaningful goals, and take steps towards enhancing your overall well-being.

What is the Wheel of Wellness? 

The Wheel of Wellness is a powerful tool for visualizing and balancing different aspects of your life. It consists of a circle divided by the pillars of wellness, each representing a specific area that contributes to overall well-being. By identifying and addressing these areas, you can strive for more alignment and connection in your life.

The pillars of wellness include emotional well-being, physical health, spiritual fulfillment, career, social connections, nutritional wellness, intellectual satisfaction, environmental harmony and financial health. These pillars serve as the foundation for your personal and individual wellness journey.

The Assessment Flow

Your digital package will include the 1-page Wheel of Wellness assessment, instructions, reflection questions and a comprehensive list of the pillars. The package will guide you through the 3 steps below.

1: Complete the Wheel of Wellness

Identify the areas of your life that are satisfying and fulfilling. It will also highlight the areas that are lacking and you feel need improvement.

2: Complete the Reflection Questions

These questions are structured to help you dig deep into the areas of your life you’d like to change, what’s holding you back and what strengths you can draw upon to make a change possible and sustainable.

Remember to take your time answering these questions and be honest with yourself. Use them as a guide to identify areas for improvement and a starting point for creating an action plan for positive change.

3: Schedule your complimentary coaching session with Steph

Scheduling our time together is the easiest part! You will receive an email with a link to my calendar and you can pick a time that works for you.

Your 30-minute Complimentary Coaching Session

Change is powerful and can lead us to personal growth and transformation. It begins with identifying areas in our lives that we desire to improve and taking action to develop healthier habits.

During your 30-minute coaching session, we will explore your assessment results, your vision and create actionable steps you can start immediately. We will lay the initial groundwork that can pave the way for positive change in your life.

Remember, change starts with you. Embrace the power of action and let’s embark on this well-being journey together!

Hi! I’m Steph.

I help women who feel burned out and ready for change achieve their vision of holistic health and wellness through action-centered coaching that supports the whole person— mind, body and spirit.

Together, we can accomplish this through an integrative approach to health and wellness. I’m here to help you identify areas you’d like to improve, design realistic lifestyle strategies and co-create action plans that work for you.

Start a new path with positive and sustainable change that will help you feel realigned and able to thrive. You ready? I am! Let’s go.

My Education, Training and Experience

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Education and training include:

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Corporate Career Experience:

  • Over 20 years of marketing communications and project management experience— strategy, planning and execution.
  • Expertise in content program development, email marketing, social media, paid advertising, copywriting/editing, brand and business operations.
  • Collaborated with and led cross-functional teams, included goal development and coaching, training and mentoring.
  • San Jose State University, B.A. Communication Studies

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